Below is a brief summary of the services we offer and items we can supply:

  • Consultation with family to arrange funeral

  • Collection of deceased and preparation in our purpose built facility (Embalming)

  • Preparing and releasing funeral notice via print and online if requested

  • Wake in our Funeral Home or deceased taken to a private residence

  • Arranging for the opening of new or existing grave

  • Can supply numbers for musicians or arrange on your behalf

  • Can supply numbers for Florists or arrange on your behalf

  • Provision of a modern hearse or upon request Horse-drawn hearse

  • Provide a Mass booklet (this can be time sensitive)

  • Issue payment of disbursements and third party fees on your behalf

  • Repatriation

  • Preparation of documentation relating to cremation

  • Wake signage

  • Provision of water geezer, cups, chairs, marquee upon request

Discussing Your Needs

Arranging a Funeral can feel overwhelming, especially if it’s something you haven’t had experience of before. Here at Lavery’s Funeral Directors we understand how difficult a time this is and it’s our aim to help guide you through it compassionately.

We work with you and will endeavour to customise every detail to your requirements and will guide you through each step of the planning process from discussing your needs and offering options on flowers and music etc.


We have a generous range of coffins to choose from. However if you feel that there is a specific type of coffin that you or your loved one would like and is not available on our premises, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will do our best to source.

We also liaise as required with medical staff from both local practices and hospitals, churches, cemeteries and crematoria. We aim to remove the burden as much as possible from family during these times.

We also offer a repatriation service for both incoming and outgoing remains to any part of the world. We aim to remove any stress associated with this process so that you can concentrate on other aspects of the funeral.